I recently finished [this] project for Newsweek/The Daily Beast! Scott Simon of NPR reads some of the tweets he wrote during his mother’s last days, both her words and his. A very sad but sweet family portrait, which I’m so honored to have been asked to work on.

That said, at 5 mins of animation in 1 month, this is truly the most ambitious thing I’ve ever tried to tackle. (I also really recommend thinking hard before you sketch a rotation of a piano into your storyboards.)

AAH! This project was nominated for a webby in the writing category, and an honoree in the animation category! So surprised and honored.


We’re gearing up for our ten-year anniversary, which is actually this week! Keep in mind, 10 years on Melrose, is like 100 years on other streets. We were recently told the average length of time for a business on Melrose is about 14 months - so don’t mind us if we have a beer at the opening. Speaking of - if you plan on attending the opening reception for our 10 year anniversary show this FRIDAY NIGHT at G1988 (West) - RSVP by emailing rsvpgallery1988@gmail.com. That’s the only way you can get in! It’s an alcohol thing.

For Friday night, we’ve invited back some of our favorite artists from the past ten years to create pieces that subtly involve the pop culture elements our gallery has become synonymous with over the past decade. We figure it’s a good time to scale it back a little, but still have pieces where you have to study to figure out it’s inspiration. And what we’ve seen so far is incredible.

AND, here’s the updated artist list for the exhibit:

100% Soft

Aaron Jasinski

Alex Pardee

Allison Reimold

Ana Bagayan

Andrew Heath

Anthony Petrie

Ashton Gallagher

Audrey Pongracz

Augie Pagan

Barry Blankenship

Bennett Slater

Brad Hill

Brandi Milne

Byron Eggenschwiler

Cate Rangel

Chris B. Murray

Chris Leib

Chris Sanchez

Clark Orr

Cory Benhatzel

Cuddly Rigor Mortis

Cuyler Smith

Dan Goodsell

Dan Lydersen

Dan McCarthy

Danielle Buerli

Danielle Murray (Rizzolo)

Dave Perillo

Dave Pressler

Dave Quiggle

Derek Eads

Doug LaRocca

Drake Brodahl

Drew Falchetta

Drew Morrison


Ellen Schinderman

Emily Lubanko

Eric Tan

Famous When Dead

Gabe Lanza


Glen Brogan

Graham Curran

Greg Craola Simkins

Ian Glaubinger

Irma Rivera

Jackie Huang

James Demski - JIMBOT

Jason D’Aquino

Jeremy Tinder

Jesse Riggle

Jim Ferguson

Joe Van Wetering

Joey Spiotto

John Bell

John Rozum


Joshua Budich

Jude Buffum

Julia Sonmi Heglund

Julian Callos

Keith Noordzy

Kelly McKernan

Kelly Vivanco

Ken Garduno

Kirk Demarais

Lawrence Yang

Leontine Greenberg

Lesley Reppeteaux

Mark Englert

Martin Hsu

Megan Majewski

Meghan Stratman

Mike Mitchell

Miranda Dressler


N.C. Winters

Nan Lawson

Nathan Chesshir

Nic Cowan

Nick Comparone

Nicole Gustafsson

Oh Sew Nerdy

Peter Gronquist

Rocco Malatesta

Roland Tamayo

Ruel Pascual

Ryan Berkley

Sam Gilbey

Samuel ‘Sho’ Ho

Sandra Chevrier

Sara Sanz

Sarah Joncas

Scott C

Scott Listfield

Shannon Bonatakis

Steve Dressler

Tara Krebs


Travis Louie

Veronica Fish

We can not THANK these artists enough. Not only for participating in our anniversary show, but for just being with us and supporting our business.

When we opened ten years ago, there were no pop culture art galleries, which we understand is hard to imagine now. When we did our LOST poster campaign, nothing like that had ever existed before. These were uncharted territories and it all could’ve crashed at any moment. But these artists were loyal, professional and excited - and knocked it out of the park time after time. We’re literally only as good as the art we hang - and after ten years, it’s safe to say - the artists are very good.

Join us this Friday night as we celebrate 10 years as the world’s first pop culture art gallery, this time in a slightly muted voice. 7-10 PM at 7308 Melrose Ave.

Very excited to see what everyone has done for this!

At the @galleries1988 Adventure Time show with my piece featuring Fionna and Cake playing their 3DS’s (at Gallery 1988 (West))

At the @galleries1988 Adventure Time show with my piece featuring Fionna and Cake playing their 3DS’s (at Gallery 1988 (West))

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This THURSDAY NIGHT, April 3rd, from 7-10 PM at G1988 (West), we’ve teamed up with our friends at Cartoon Network and clothing brand Rook, to bring you G1988 x Adventure Time, a group art show inspired by the awesome cartoon. The work for this show is REALLY REALLY GOOD, evident by the previewed pieces above. Over 65 artists will participate in the show! Rook will also be debuting their Adventure Time cap sure collection, and this exhibit will be the first place to purchase that as well. 

THIS EXHIBIT IS RSVP ONLY! You can easily RSVP to attend by emailing us at rsvpgallery1988@gmail.com. It is REQUIRED THAT YOU RSVP. The show will only run through April 6th.

These are great, so excited to see all of these awesome pieces.

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Who, Joshua Graham

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Sometimes I wonder what it’d be like to turn to a life of crime. Probably the same.


This is amazing. 

All of it. 



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